someone with specialized training who helps lawyers Something that is legal is legal or has to do with the law. 1650s, “literary intuitions”, from Latin analecta, from Greek analekta, literally “chosen things”, neuter plural of analektos “to choose, to choose”, verbal adjective of analegein “to collect, to collect”, from ana “to collect” (see ana-) + legein “to collect”, also “to choose words”, hence “to speak” (from the root PIE *leg- (1) “to collect, to collect”). Legality based on authorization or in accordance with the law Legislation can be either a law or the act of making laws. are characterized by colleagues or have authority that is also passed on between colleagues. Someone who is faithful to another person helps him and is faithful to him for a long time. (Law) a formal charge against someone (often in court) A bequest can be a gift from a family member or something from the past. To make laws, bills, etc. or enacted by law A privilege is a right or freedom for people to do something, such as vote or drive a car. A style that uses the abstruse technical vocabulary of the law that something legitimate is legal, lawful or authentic. You degrade someone or something when you give that person or thing a less important position than before. Illegality due to violation of legal status.